WW1 Research

I am an experienced WW1 researcher having researched individual soldiers and groups. My largest WW1 project I completed with a colleague we researched the ninety men commemorated on Carlisle Grammar School’s WW1 war memorial. The research can be seen at https://www.trinity.cumbria.sch.uk/warmemorials/. This research also led to articles in family tree publications and a book.[1]

I am able to research an individual soldier / sailor / airman or a group or give tuition helping a client to prepare a research plan for their own project.


How to a Research a WW1 Soldier

This detailed talk details how to go about researching a WW1 Soldier, seaman or airman. It covers where sources can be found, how they are accessed and shows how a good research plan produces good results!

WW1 and Carlisle Grammar School

This informative and surprising talk demonstrates how the men from one small community contributed to every aspect of WW1. Over 400 men from Carlisle Grammar School fought in WW1, 90 of them lost their lives they were soldiers, sailors (merchant and Royal Navy), airmen and diplomats. They died at home, as prisoners of war, at sea, in the air, in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. The youngest was 19 and the oldest 47 years old. They included soldiers who fought for Britain, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Their individual stories give an insightful picture of WW1.

[1] The Stars of Night, by L.J.Hodgson & S.E.Lee  ISBN: 9780957241282

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