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Genealogy Cumbria is a bespoke genealogy research and education service.  It specialises in research in Cumbria and the adjoining counties.  Research is by an experienced and well qualified professional genealogist.

Genealogy Cumbria also offers tuition to individuals and groups. Probate research, and research of individual properties, localities and industries are also undertaken.

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Genealogy Cumbria

” an amazing job and for the guidance and support and indeed professionalism”

“I can thoroughly recommend it”

“a five star recommendation”

” …it’s so fascinating and interesting”

“…our sessions were fun and enjoyable”
  • I didn't know where to start

    I have always been interested in finding out more about my family history but didn’t know where to start. Sarah was so helpful giving me the skills and knowledge to build my family tree. Our sessions were fun and enjoyable. I’d recommend Sarah to anyone looking to delve into their history.

    Karen Makin
  • I discovered a whole new family I didn’t know I had!

    Sarah helped me with a piece of particularly sensitive research by finding my long-lost grandfather, who had parted from my grandmother when my mother was a tiny baby. He had then emigrated and nothing further was heard from him. Not only did Sarah find my grandfather, but she also discovered a whole new family I didn’t know I had, and proved that my grandfather and his new family had lived in the city where I went to university. We could have passed each other on the street! I was amazed by this piece of genealogical detective work and warmly recommend Sarah’s expertise in this area to others.

    Dr Jane Platt
  • Couldn't believe you could trace back to the 1700s!

    Thank you very much indeed for your thorough research on my ancestry. Couldn’t believe you could trace back to the 1700s! It was also a revelation to find out my Grandfather had two brothers – the three of them served in WW1. I don’t think my father knew they existed…… it’s so fascinating and interesting.

    Pamela Raynerd
  • Finding those small details certain to capture your imagination

    Researching my family tree with Sarah was a joy, informative and exciting. I can thoroughly recommend it. Sarah is very experienced in finding those small details certain to capture your imagination. 

    Shirley Bowes
  • A five star recommendation

    My company the Hunter Leisure Group Ltd
    Have had the need to use Sarah’s expertise in researching the history of our holiday complex in Bowness-on-Solway.
    Firstly we want to take this opportunity to thank Sarah for an amazing job and for the guidance and support and indeed professionalism you have given us.
    Please take this as a five star recommendation great job well done from all of us here at the Hunter group.
    Kind regards Ian Hunter

    A five star recommendation
    Ian Hunter

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